Recapturing the Holiday Magic

Remember what the holidays were like as a kid? If yours were anything like mine, they may have been filled with similarities of the following: the magic and wonder of dressing up, eating sweets, lights that radiated a soft aura type glow, laughter, family, and joy! What happens to the jubilee as the years go by? We can still dress up for All Hallows Eve, be grateful for our turkey, stuffing, and potatoes, and sing about “Joy to the World,” yet the magic may fade like a dissipating mist into a frenzied rush of costume preparation, cooking, baking, and shopping. While we may not be able to recapture the holiday intrigue we experienced in our youth, we may be able to find ways to enrich the experience of our adulthood for a more enjoyable holiday season. Here are a few suggestions to restore a little holiday spirit.

1. Simplify

It might be helpful to prioritize what is most important and leave a few things out this year. Initially this may feel like cutting out parts of the holiday itself, but if you’re feeling bogged down, it may help to lighten the load a little like throwing some unneeded toys out of the sleigh.

2. Serve

This can function as an effective way of getting outside the holiday blues. If more fruit baskets and cookie plates only end up adding to the holiday mayhem, make it even simpler and write someone a card or letter. Even shoveling the walk of an elderly neighbor can bring some inner warmth.

3. Savor

If possible, slow down a little. Many of those things that made the holidays so magical are probably still there. Don’t just take a moment to sip some hot cocoa by the tree but really drink in the experience. I know, I know, if you have kids you’re thinking, “What North Pole are you talking about?” Even with young children, their innocence provides small moments of delight and can be readily noticed and savored as small moments of holiday magic.

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