Episode 5: Keeping Your Relationship Strong During the Holidays

In this episode Dr. Swinton and Dr. Boyle discuss ways to keep your relationship strong as you navigate the demands of extended family and the holidays.     … [Read more...]

Episode 4: Two Couple Doctors in a Car

Dr. Swinton and Dr. Boyle take the podcast on the road. They  explore common problems that couples experience while in a car and share  how couples can make time in a car with one another more meaningful. … [Read more...]

Episode 3: Does it help couples to separate?

Often couples inquire if it will help them to separate. We discuss what our experience and the research shows. … [Read more...]

Episode 2: Criticism & Defensiveness

Dr. Swinton & Dr. Boyle talk about the common problems of criticism and defensiveness in couple relationships and how to avoid these pitfalls. … [Read more...]

Episode 1: Popular Music and Relationship Advice

During this podcast Dr. Swinton and Dr. Boyle explore the couple relationship advice found in popular music and share their opinions regarding its helpfulness. … [Read more...]

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