How to Develop Relationship Endurance

Endurance Maintaining a healthy, happy relationship is hard work, but the hard work can reap great dividends. Just as our physical bodies go through periods of illness and stress, relationships also go through periods of happiness and periods of stress. It is during the periods of strain where we need endurance. The definition of endurance is the “ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions.” Here are some ideas for how to … [Read more...]

IQ vs EQ

IQ [intelligence quotient] has long been a standard tool for measuring our ability to acquire knowledge and make use of that knowledge to solve various problems. For Einstein it was solving the problem of relativity; for us it is solving the problems of relativity in marriage! EQ is “emotional intelligence” which has to do with our ability to understand, empathize, and basically get along with other people—critical skills in marriage! The 5 key areas of EQ are: motivation, social skills, … [Read more...]

Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes

I remember studying in college the psychology behind and behavior of rage...this past week I was reminded of it all as I was pulled off to the side of the road looking up directions to where I was I was pulling away another car pulled up with a driver who acted enraged I was leaving just as he was pulling up. The reason for his rage I have absolutely no idea. I had the choice to return to where I had originally parked and duke it out with the man, linger for too long in my head … [Read more...]

Avoid Financial Infidelity with M-O-N-E-Y

  When a person in a relationship persists in being dishonest or secretive about money, it can be called financial infidelity. Specific instance of financial infidelity may  include things like making a large purchase without the other person knowing; hiding purchases that have not been agreed upon in the budget; or changing investments, or making risky investments without the other person knowing, just to name a few. There are many reasons why someone would engage in a financial … [Read more...]

Should I Expect My Partner to Change for Me?

Do you believe your spouse should change for you or vice versa? I've heard a lot of people say, "I don't want him to change who he is because I'm unhappy." I can see where these people are coming from. They have unmet needs but feel it is asking too much or would be going against who their partner is to ask him/her to change. And I do think that we should each take accountability for our own part in the good and the bad in our marriages.  However, I believe there is a different way of looking at … [Read more...]

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