Believe In Your Marriage

One of the most important keys to overcoming marital problems is to believe in your marriage. Believe that it can be saved. Believe in yourself and your spouse in your abilities to make the personal changes necessary for things to be made right.

Certainly there are circumstances where a relationship may not be salvageable. However, those tend to be more the exception than the rule. In any case, without believing that things can improve, they likely won’t. The reason? Because your motivation to make the changes you should make to improve things will hinge largely on your belief regarding if it will be worth it.

Are marriages worth saving? In most cases, yes! Studies have shown that couples who are considering divorce who work with a marriage counselor to improve their relationship typically report:

  • Higher levels of life satisfaction
  • Fewer health problems
  • Fewer mental health problems
  • Fewer problems with their children
  • They earn more money
  • They live longer

All of these things seem like life circumstances that most would desire. Hopefully they motivate you to keep working when things get tough.  An even better motivator would be because deep down you love your spouse more than yourself. If both of you can leverage that selfless love and value the other more than yourself, you may believe in your marriage.

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