A Glass of Water


After having our first child my wife would talk about how thirsty she was in the middle of the night when she was awake breastfeeding the baby. As a kind gesture I would make sure that she had a large glass of water at her bedside table every night before I went to bed. She was always very appreciative that water was available to quench her thirst each night. Over time I would occasionally forget to fill up a glass of water and she would wake up feeling parched with nothing to quench her thirst. Each morning, after I had failed to get her a glass of water, she would express her frustration of how thirsty she was in the middle of the night and express her disappointment that water was not at the bedside table. Something as simple as a glass of water meant very much to my wife and helped her to feel that I was thinking of her.
Most of the time it is the simple things, done consistently, that make a marriage great. All too often we stop doing the little things because they become part of the mundane and lose meaning in the relationship. When things in your relationship are not going well, ask your self this one question: “Am I taking care of the little things?” If the answer is “No” then make a conscious decision to start doing the little things, consistently, again. You will be amazed at what something as simple as a glass of water can do to improve your relationship.

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