Experienced Marriage Counselors in Sandy, Utah

Marriage is a lifelong journey, and marriage counseling can help put you back on course if you’ve lost your way.

Although many marriages can survive rough times, you may need a compassionate hand to guide you through these challenges. In northern Utah, the licensed counselors of Swinton & Boyle Counseling are standing by to assist you. Whether you and your spouse have reached a crisis point or you simply need help strengthening your relationship, our comprehensive marriage and couples counseling services can help.

As highly trained and experienced relationship experts, our marriage and family counselors can assist in improving communication and building trust. With a compassionate, unbiased approach, we will teach you how to resolve conflicts in a safe and productive manner, and help you see each other in a new light.

We can show you how to restore the passion and connection you once felt.
Couples may feel hesitant to seek counseling because they aren’t comfortable discussing their problems, or because they fear recrimination or blame. At Swinton & Boyle, we view your willingness to reach out for help as a sign of strength. All of our programs take an empathetic and optimistic approach, designed to provide the tools you need to truly be heard and understood by your spouse.

Our therapeutic approaches are based on proven, contemporary theory and techniques, and all of our counselors are licensed and certified in their areas of expertise. Our location is conveniently located in Sandy and is staffed with therapists available to assist you today. Contact Swinton & Boyle Counseling to learn more about how you and your spouse can discover the path back to happiness with professional marriage counseling.

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