Why go to Therapy ?

Unhappy couple not talking on the couch at therapy session

Hollywood has given therapy an interesting portrayal in the eyes of the public as to what therapist do in a therapy session. Yes, we do have a couch in our room, but it is not just for lounging on.      There is much more to therapy than what is seen on television, and a part what makes us unique is our work with relationships. We as marriage and family therapist work from systems perspective, which means including spouses, siblings, and anyone who is relevant in that person’s life. There is power that can come from coming into therapy with someone you trust over a therapist you have never met before. Therapy should be a growing experience that promotes change, but notice I didn’t say it will always be a positive one. Therapy can include talking about hard things and it is good to be aware of that when considering therapy. It does get better over time, and challenging the negative

Coming to therapy is never easy for anyone, even if you know what to expect there is a component of vulnerability makes it hard. With this in mind it is also the part of therapy that makes it such a wonderful experience, because it is a safe place to be vulnerable and talk about things that have not been shared. Couples can finally say what they have been feeling, express how much they care for each other, and make amends for things that were said out of anger. This is the process of change and at time people need to have another perspective to help them get out of the rut they have gotten into.

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