What are your kids telling you?

Being considered and adult I would like to think that I can express myself and have my message received and understood by the other person. However, even though I am a therapist I still struggle with that at times and it is normal for anyone else to have a hard time with that as well. Yet, when it comes to children we expect them to to be able to express themselves and when they don’t we get frustrated with them. Sounds like a tough place to be in for kids. Lets give them a break for a second and take a look at how children are communicating to adults yet we are missing it.

The vocabulary for children is constantly growing however, they are not skillful in using those words and it is hard for them to place emotion and words together. It can be compared to feeling sadness for the first time but not knowing that it is actually called sadness. That is happening for children but they are not going to express what they are feeling. They are going to communicate that sadness through play. That’s right play, whether that play happens with other children, toys, dolls, or whatever else children are playing with they will show you what is going on through that avenue. Children are not going to know the words to tell parents what is going on for them but they can show them through play. It is how they are making sense of the world around them as they play scenarios out and work it out that way. Now I am not saying spy on your children while they play, but if you feel like you just cant talk to your child or get to them emotionally, play with them and see what they show you. You may be surprised how much they will be able to say through play.

child girl playing doctor and curing plush toy indoors

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