Adolescent Support Group

Teen support groupSwinton & Associates

Swinton & Associates Counseling provides Adolescent Support Groups at our Weber County office. The group is open to male and female adolescents who are ages 13-17 that are interested in finding a safe space to talk about difficult issues that they are facing. The group is more than simple talk therapy by incorporating firsthand learning and coping skills development. Part of the group is structured where skills are taught and the other part is flexible to give space for teens to express their needs and receive support that they are seeking. The group is facilitated by our teen expert, Ava Hanson.

Group Topics

The group is based on a positive youth development model aimed at helping teens be more resilient. Topics include competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, control, and coping. These skills can help teens with identity development, stress management, emotion regulation, and improved ability to navigate important peer and family relationships.

How it Participate

Groups are help on Wednesdays from 3:30pm-5:00pm at the North Ogden office and adolescents must have parent’s permission to participate. The next group begins on Wednesday, February 3rd. Space is limited, if you are interested contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.