The Path to Positive Self

It isn’t uncommon for someone to struggle with low self-worth and negative thoughts about themselves. These negative core beliefs can be debilitating and can begin to get in the way of our capacity to feel joy and happiness.  So how do you take a lifetime of believing something negative about yourself and turn it around? Imagine taking the same dirt path from home to work every day. What would happen? The path would eventually get worn down and over time form a rut. This is the same thing … [Read more...]

Sex After 50: Myths, Misconceptions, and Making the Most of It

  An ageist joke that has been repeated far too many times, that only adds to the myths and misconceptions of what sex is like as we age, goes something like this:Young couples have sex tri-weekly. Middle aged couples try weekly, and older couples try weakly. This bad joke adds to the misconception that beyond a certain age people have little interest in sex. This is a common misconception. However, the national council on aging did a study of couples 60 and older and they found that 74% … [Read more...]

How to Cool Your Temper (Plus a bonus parenting tip)

  As I was tucking my eleven-year-old son into bed tonight, he wanted me to sit with him. I told him I could for a minute but I also needed to do some things for work. He asked me what I had to do and I told him I needed to write a blog post about something that could help people. "Do you want me to give you some ideas of what to write about?" he asked. "Sure!" I answered back. He started listing quite a few ideas and I realized he had some great thoughts! We narrowed it down to the idea … [Read more...]

What is POSITIVE self consciousness?

  Often we think of self consciousness as having negative connotations that may coincide with being too embarrassed to speak up, insecure in our interactions with others, or even missed opportunities in life. Ultimately, as we explore our own individual relationships with self consciousness and how it can provide benefits in relationships within ourselves and even others we can shift our way of thinking to embrace all of the positivities that may accompany an increased understanding and … [Read more...]

How Family Traditions Can Strengthen Marriages

Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are connected to various traditions we had. I remember having hot chocolate in our santa mugs with marshmallows on Christmas morning. I loved carefully searching the house for eggs on Easter morning. I looked forward watching fireworks on Independence day. On Valentines my parents would get me a large sugar cookie with my name on it. These and other family traditions stick with me because they remind me of those I love and the good times I have had … [Read more...]

Are you Data Mining in Your Relationship?

Although we may not like the idea of Facebook and other social media mining data about us, there is something valuable about the concept of data mining that can be applied to healthy couple relationships. You may think this is an odd application but hear me out. Every day, social media platforms collect information about our likes, dislikes, things we have thumbed-up and thumbed-down, things we follow, etc. They take this information and use it to successfully market products, services, and … [Read more...]

Use the Power of Hope

What is one of the strongest motivators for change? I would argue that it is hope. Hope motivates us to keep going even when things are difficult. There have been times in my life when I felt no hope in certain aspects of my life. Those are the times I've struggled the most. There have also been times in my life when I could see hope on the horizon and it kept me going. So, how can we use hope as a power in our lives? Here are some suggestions for you: Hope in relationships: In a moment … [Read more...]

What’s Your Kind of March Madness?

While the sincerest of basketball fans begin to set up their March Madness brackets on who they’d like to see win or lose about this time of year...there’s another form of madness that happens in March that may be more applicable to more of us that don’t follow the ball up and down the court! We’re in that teasing state of seasons where winter is not quite over, but most of us are ready to move onto the warmth and revitalization by swinging into the season of spring! We can see it in the … [Read more...]

Communication Skills: How to Speak, Listen and Respond to your Loved Ones

The goal of effective communication is mutual understanding. Often, we forget that communicating is an art. They are so many little pieces that play an important role in the way we communicate to others such as our verbal expression (written, oral, and visual) and nonverbal communication such as our body language. I would like to review with you some helpful ideas about how to express yourself when things are difficult to communicate. Remember to practice the following three main skills of … [Read more...]

The Who, What, Why, When & How of Boundaries

Who You. If you are a living, breathing, human being, then boundary setting is for you. In fact, research shows that some of the most loving and caring people are those who are have good boundaries. Everyone benefits from setting healthy boundaries. What To understand what boundaries are, we need also need an understanding of what they are NOT. A boundary is NOT a threat, manipulation, or ultimatum. A boundary is a clear, honest assessment of what works for you, and what doesn’t. In … [Read more...]

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