Stop, Drop, and Listen: How to Create a Meaningful Daily Ritual

Marriage takes time. Meaningful marriages take effort. Combine these two elements of a little time and effort into a meaningful ritual of quality time together. Doing so could potentially improve the quality of your marriage in just fifteen minutes a day. Just follow this three-step plan to creating meaningful daily ritual. Stop It is important create a couple ritual where you first stop whatever else you are doing and take time to JUST TO BE TOGETHER. This time together should be free from … [Read more...]

Do you love your phone more than your spouse?

No one will dispute how busy life seems to be these days. Work demands are fierce as people strive to find and keep much-needed employment. Children seem to have ever higher expectations in extra-curricular participation that requires parents to spend countless hours driving kids to one of their ten sports teams, school clubs, and music lessons. Parents become the shuttle service, coaches, and the cheerleading squad working in support of their kids. Volunteering in community or religious … [Read more...]

Dealing with Relationship Differences in Where You Spend Your Money

Money. We love it. We hate it. We use it. We abuse it. We fight about it. We celebrate with it. It is a part of our daily lives in both seen and unseen ways. Managing our behavioral and our emotional response to money is challenging. When you combine the challenges that come with creating a strong couple relationship, with our relationship with money, things can get complicated even further. Managing your money, emotions and relationship doesn’t need to be over-complicated. In 1993 Bernard … [Read more...]

How to Cope with a National Tragedy

2:00 AM this morning I was up with my toddler and I got a news notification on my phone about a shooting in Las Vegas with 20 known casualties and many injured. By the time I got up at 7:00, the number had increase to 50 killed. My heart was heavy and I grieved for those who lost lives and the lost innocence of all those who were there. I watched the news as more was revealed about the incident and I could not wrap my head around how someone could do something like that. My thoughts have been on … [Read more...]

Put a Little (Self) Love in Your Heart

In the 2007 Disney film, "Enchanted," the character Nathaniel sincerely asks Prince Edward the question “Sire, do you ever not like yourself?” to which the prince responds frankly, “What’s not to like?” We find this response humorous, but it makes me ponder over this question, “How is each of our relationships with ourselves?” My guess is that when it comes to self-love, the automatic thought that may come to our minds is, “Are you talking about being conceded?”  We do live in a world often … [Read more...]

4 Critical Conversations You Must Have with Your Family About Natural Disasters

When we talk about emotional challenges, we usually think about personal circumstances related to our relationships with others, family issues or work, but rarely do we think about things that are out of our control as natural disasters. We have all heard about the things that are happening in the world… earthquakes, hurricanes, floods in many different places such as Texas, Florida, Mexico, Chile, Japan, the Caribbean Islands, etc. I have questioned myself: Am I mentally, physically and … [Read more...]

Mind-Body Bridging: A Technique for Calming

We all have stressors in our lives. We all get caught up in the whirlwind inside our heads. We all have moments when our heart beats faster and our palms are sweaty. Most of us don't fully stop to recognize what is going on, or how to deal with it. Cluttered Mind Ever heard the phrase: "I have a lot on my mind?" This is an example of what a cluttered mind looks and feels like.  A cluttered mind is when you have negative thoughts swirling, intense pressure, anxiety, frustrations, fear, stress, … [Read more...]

Look for the Happiness in Your Life and Your Marriage

My sons are incredible boys. Both have come from difficult pasts and endured more than most of us have to in a lifetime. My younger son has faced some significant physical trials throughout his 3 years of life. He was born with a cleft lip and palate and spent the first 21 months of his life in an orphanage. Since we adopted him two years ago, he has had to acclimate to a completely different culture, climate, and life. He has endured 9 painful surgeries that have been very scary for him. He has … [Read more...]

Compassionate Listening

There is much suffering that occurs in the world of relationships. Each one of us knowingly and unknowingly do things that cause varying degrees of suffering in others. The reality is that most of us become uncomfortable when a parent, child, partner, or friend tells us about the hurt, pain or suffering we have caused them. The natural response for most of us is to become angry, defensive and bitter in these situations. We become angry because we assume that the other person is only expressing … [Read more...]

Dating Tips From a Veteran

Any of you who may be fans of the rock band Cake are likely familiar with the lyrics of a song entitled Love You Madly which state "I don't want to sit across the table from you wishing I could run". In my experience, discussions about dating tend to bring about a... well... less than favorable response. The question I pose to the universe is, "Does it really have to be this way? Does dating have to be such a drag?" " I had just turned 34 when I got married and as such, was well acquainted … [Read more...]