Discount Services

Discount couples therapyWe can save you money! Would you like to receive $30 – $55 off of each counseling visit? Insurance will rarely pay for couples counseling, marriage therapy, family counseling, and pornography counseling. They will typically only pay for individual mental disorder treatment. Due to the lack of funding that is typically available through insurance plans for services, at Swinton & Associates Counseling we have created special membership program. Those that join our membership program will receive significant discounts off of our normal rates. Though the normal service rates to see our counselors is already very affordable compared to other counselors in the area, our member discount service rates are even more affordable. In addition, discount rates will apply to any family members living in your household receiving services from any of our counselors during the time period selected.

Here is how it works:
Affordable marriage therapy1. Choose the time period you want to be a member:
-Cost for 3 month membership: $150 – $220
-Cost for 6 month membership: $250 – $355
2. Once you pay for the membership, you can attend as many sessions as you like in that time period and receive membership discounts of $30 – $55 off each visit

Will it save you money? Yes!
-If you select a 3 month rate option, you will save money on every session if you attend 4+ hours of counseling.
-If you select a 6 month rate option, you will save money on every session if you attend 6½ + hours of counseling

When can you sign up? You can sign up at any time. Most sign up at the first visit to maximize their money savings. Others want to try a few sessions first. It is up to you.

Payment methods we accept for normal rates and discount rates:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Health savings cards
  • Flex spending cards
  • Clergy-pay
  • PayPal
  • 6-months no-interest and no-payments financing through PayPal Credit.