Hailing in the New Year

We are at the end of the year, and it is the time we take stock of the year with what we have accomplished and what we would like to do differently. There is so much that can happen in a year and it seems like our resolutions are made from the anxiety that comes from the pondering of those accomplishments and shortcomings. Time is needed to really evaluate what changes one needs to make and to see what needs to be done. This is something that should not be rushed into and when it is there is usually a smaller chance of success. The path to making change is difficult and is usually an uncomfortable process. The real question to ask is do you have the proper motivation to push you through the hard times that are required to change.

Problems arise when relationships are strained as one person takes on the brunt of what is happening. The emotional baggage begins to take its toll and the problem is avoided, exaggerated, perused, attacked, and the process repeats itself to find a solution. The method to cope is handled on a selfish level and little empathy has been given to the relationships we consider to be the most meaningful in our lives. The problems continue to subsist because we as humans allow our own anxieties to hold us back from making any changes and thus the problems get worse

It is always great this time of year as we are looking how to improve ourselves and make our lives better. However, we will only go as far as our motivations will take us and objectively inspecting our lives can give us the drive we need. Don’t get stuck in the patterns of problems that have not been fixed. Find your motivation and take the time you need to make the change, don’t rush it.

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