OCD disturbing images exposed

One of the common symptoms of OCD have unwanted disturbing images. These are so unwanted that even the fact that were experienced causes significant emotional distress. The content of these images does vary greatly from person to person. In these images, the image may come up often and will be disruptive. Despite the images not being welcome, the patient may worry more and more that these images must mean something; perhaps that they are a future eventuality, or a suppressed past. Disturbing … [Read more...]

Getting the most out of therapy with the help of apps

THANK GOODNESS for technology, amiright?! More recently, I would say, THANK GOODNESS for some of the new therapy apps. You can download amazing resources, many free, that can assist in healing, keep you grounded when away from therapy, and teach you things that perhaps your therapist never knew you needed to hear. I thought I would list a few apps today for all those who are interested in amazing potential that technology has to improve your emotional life.   Headspace- a … [Read more...]

Helping kids through divorce

Unfortunately, despite many people who get married with good intentions there are a great many marriages that do end in divorce. Some stats predict that of all the children born last year, 50% of them will experience their parents divorce by the time they are 18 years old. Those same parents, with the same intentions to protect kids can accidentally make their divorce a great challenge on their children. I think the biggest NO-NO for parents divorcing is to give their child the impression … [Read more...]

Why we go cold on our partners

I recently came across this video by the School of Life. The video helps viewers understand the distance and cold we can sometimes feel for, or from, our partner. They don't use the word attachment in the video. Attachment is the idea that humans are born with an innate ability and desire to attach to a caregiver. Having a secure attachment to our parents creates a safe world where little human children feel safe and free to explore. Children with strong attachment regulate their emotions … [Read more...]

Why I’m so glad I finally let myself go to therapy

I’ve been seeing clients since 2009, so one might assume that when my own personal crisis (aka opportunity) struck, that I would have been first in line at the therapist’s office. NOPE! One the day of my first (scheduled) therapy appointment I was so afraid, that I didn’t even call to cancel. I did not show up. I hid from my phone in case anyone called to ask why I had not shown up. I felt I had to justify deep enough suffering to attend therapy. I reasoned, erroneously, that my issue was not a … [Read more...]