Am I too selfish in my relationship?

Here is a short quiz you can take to see if selfishness is causing problems in your marriage:

1. Do I confuse my desires with my needs? Y/N
2. Do I care more about “what’s in it for me” than “what’s in it for my spouse”? Y/N
3. Do I unfavorably compare my spouse to other people? Y/N
4. Do I believe that my relationship should be as exciting and easy as it seemed when we first got together? Y/N
5. Do I believe that unrealistic relationship fantasies can be reality? Y/N
6. Do I believe it is my spouse’s responsibility to make my relationship better? Y/N

If you answered “Yes” to several of the questions, selfishness is likely negatively impacting your marriage.

Special thanks to William Doherty, PhD for his influence on this quiz.

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